Earlier in the hackathon, we were entertaining ourselves by randomly high fiving people as they walked by our table. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if we could, through that simple interaction, open up a communication channel capable of seamlessly transferring contact information, pictures, or even payments? Introducing TransferWear, the latest innovation adding to the new revolution of wearable devices. Through a simple and routine action, like a handshake, fistbump, or high-five, you can now open a channel of communication with another party or a kiosk. Utilizing the blazing fast FireBase database, along with accelerometer data from wearable and mobile devices, we have created a seamless and instant interaction. By limiting the need of personal information to transfer data, we have created a method of communication that is not only efficient, but also secure.

Technical Implementation: Two users are authenticated and a session established by timing hard accelerometer changes combined with location data. Prospective bump events are pushed through a firebase queue up to the server which uses the time of the bump to correlate two different users. Each client is then asked to confirm to connection (the default is an automatic confirm) and then brought to a screen where further interactions including sending contacts, photos, and payments are available. The backend code is written in Node.js because of it’s ease of use in integrating with firebase and the wide availability of packages.

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