Blue mix presentation.

What it does

Developing several apps websites that have large database with querry like mongodb or sql or cloudent management issues, these large data sets need to be transferred and altered on various platform. So we created a bridge to interact between platforms

How I built it

Developing several apps in the various platforms creating a bridge with heroku using nodejs to navigate btween platforms

Challenges I ran into

Several, my entire pivotal platform crashed, and creating the database interface and cloudent wharehousing challenges

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to focus on complex code and application structure, develop the database endpoints, rest apis to make this exchange operable.

What I learned

It is important to stay flexible. Manage the 4x4 identifiers.

What's next for Transfer Socrata.Bluemix

Hopefuly enableleing qa more fluid data exchange and development scenarios with Watson and BlueMix. It will be useful to ue this database from Socrata and use a Watson api for text analytics, to give a more robust data presentation.

Built With

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