Communicating with others who speak other languages and learning other languages from people.

What it does

It allows other people to message each other in real-time while translating other languages to English.

How we built it

We used a node.js based web app with Google Translate api served on Amazon's afs server. Logo artwork was done with GIMP.

Challenges we ran into

Problems with Alexa, problems with hosting the app on the server, learning AFS and Git command line, managing merge requests and pulling on Github, time management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing a project for once and having something that's usable, learning aspects of new languages, managing projects, cooperation, setting a realistic scope, adaptability towards unexpected problems, completing within the 25-hour timeframe, lack of judgement amongst teammates, working together with various levels of experience and skills

What we learned

Git command line, AFS, Javascript,, collaborating with code on the web, Alexa

What's next for TranSend

Supporting more languages, reversing to original text, feedback from bilingual users, additional graphics/improved presentation, mobile, login system/expanded security, integration with Wolfram Alpha for automatic currency and measurement conversions

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