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100% accurate verbatim notes*! Annoyed by professors you can't understand? Can't hear all the words? Wanted to ask a question without interrupting? Well, we set out to solve these problems.

What it does

Transcribe Space allows a speaker to host a room and have their spoken words transcribed in real-time and shared with others. Along with a chat room, you won't feel lost when you didn't catch something.

How we built it

Using the Web Speech API, we are able to transcribe text in real time. Node.js and allow for easy two-way communication. A web front-end allows anyone to connect and join the talk.

Challenges we ran into

Learning new technologies (most of us used completely new technologies), and creating accurate transcriptions (and being able to fix them retroactively).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of the ability for any member to flag individual words for review. Also the domain name.

What we learned

A lot of new technologies, real-time communication using web sockets, basic web development, and a few of us discovered a new-found passion for computer science.

What's next for Transcribe Space

Expanding the user base, adding moderators, mobile apps, and personal messages.

*once corrected by a human being

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