It started during the GGJ in 2018. The premise is an Earth, far into the future after an event occurred that almost wiped out humanity. The remaining survivors have learned to survive in the flooded world by traversing the seas and forming small colonies on the sparse islands that still rise above the water. While their technology has been limited to almost nothing, they make do with salvages collected by junkers, as well as with Arc Runes; Ancient magical tablets that the already diminished population has learned to harness.

The game itself will contain elements of Japanese style RPG's, such as monster encounters, turn-based battles, puzzle elements, and a driven story line. The ideal would be 3D style game with an isometric top-down view.

Currently the game is nowhere near being fully developed, as all that is being completed at the moment is being able to create the world in which the player will be immersed in. So far that involved a randomly generated terrain using a noise generator.

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