Credit cards provide users with credit card statements, something that helps you keep track of everything from where you made a purchase to much money you spent. As high school students, we don't have credit cards, and use cash on a day to day basis, but can't keep track of how much money we spend.

What it does

We use a pebble inside your wallet to track when your wallet is opened. When it is, you get a text on your phone asking if you made a transaction, and how much you spent, to show you how much cash you are spending, which in turn is relayed on a webapp that shows you where, when, and how much cash you are spending.

How we built it

We used the pebble accelerometer data to detect when the wallet is opened, used the verizon cloud api to create our webapp, used a node server to send twilio texts to your phone, and used aws to host our website to show what our app does.

Challenges we ran into

Getting pebble accelerometer data to work through calibration took a lot of trial and error to get working correctly, since a wallet dropping and similar events should not trigger the text.

What we learned

We learned JS to use the Pebble SDK, and learned how to use the Verizon cloud API.

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