Digitally tag different video takes with slate info (eg. description, scene) and identifying actors for easy preview.


We are filmmakers who understand how difficult it is to preview videos of different takes (sometimes up to hundreds of videos).

What it does

Trans Slate recognizes text on a handwritten/typed slate and digitally transcribes it into a graphic overlay on the thumbnails of each video. It also detects faces for further identification of talents and recognizes voice input of the quality of each take (eg. excellent, good, no good).

How I built it

We used Ziggeo API to create a recording app. We then detect frames that contain the slate information and transcribed it to text using Google Cloud API. Lastly, we built an image set of actors in the video and used Clarifai’s API to detect actors.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the different API to integrate together to work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting each API to work each step along the way.

What I learned

How to implement various APIs

What's next for Trans Slate

Reaching out to non-profits/government institutions and small businesses/solopreneurs who tend to have limited resources to engage professional filmmakers to produce marketing materials. Trans Slate is a simple and elegant solution to saving time and money during the production process.

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