After years of diligent research, scientists have successfully opened the first trans-dimensional portal. Unfortunately, this has drawn the attention of Pan-Dimensional Realty Inc: a paramilitary realty corporation specializing in hostile property acquisition. As resident of coveted school-adjacent property, you are firmly in their cross-hairs. They have opened trans-dimensional portals in your home. Prepare to defend yourself!

“Trans-dimensional Home Defense” is a proposed game for the Moverio, using Unity and the Vuforia SDK. The game is a first-person take on tower defence games. The player places several AR markers on the walls of the play areas, which are used to create virtual windows on the walls. By looking through these windows, the player will see approaching invaders, and dispatch them before they enter the home. The player must constantly monitor all windows to prevent invaders sneaking in while they are distracted. Weapons with different ranges and range of effect will be provided to target enemies at different ranges, and groupings.

The purpose of this game to entertain players, and provide an immersive AR experience that blurs the line between the real world and “game space”. The Moverio stereo display will provide an illusion of depth, and a realistic virtual window into the invading world. Simple gestures will be used to target opponents and fire weapons.

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