We were inspired by PennApps Health and the opportunity to build something that sets out to solve a serious problem in healthcare.

With all of today's wellness apps, we saw a major opportunity in changing the paradigm. All apps require users to type in their data and record logs of their activity. This is an awkward process and often discourages potential users from using the app. We wanted to take this step out of the equation and automate it using voice control.

The target user is anyone. Whether you are a fitness nut who likes to keep track of your diet or someone who needs to do better at controlling what they eat.

With our app, we use Siri to control and send messages to our app. Through Siri and Twilio, we send food information to the app, all in the simple manner of starting a phrase with "tell tranquility...".

The user then tells tranquility what they ate that day and our app will parse the message for food times and use a Mashery API to get the nutritional facts. This data can then easily be seen in a chart form in the app by the user.

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