Social Media is an integral part of people’s life, but the problem of having a safe space for sharing one’s experiences especially with sensitive matters like mental health remains unsolvable. Tranquil Spaces is a solution that we tried to implement which let’s its users share their journey towards healing. It also has a mediation feature, an AI powered chatbot, A-Z of common mental illnesses and an accessible list of helplines in India.

What it does

We can vastly split the working of the application into 5 components:

  • It has a trained chat bot to talk to users about their mental health and suggests a way for them to help themselves.
  • The journal/post that allows the user to post an image along with a description that can go from a simple β€œhi” to -whatever is in their mind that day.
  • If someone else had a similar journey they can use the messenger feature to have a conversation with the person about the same
  • It has a meditate app that allows users to meditate for a stipulated stone period
  • A story/profile feature to update your feelings for the day

How we built it

  • Chatbot: built an AI assistant from scratch to deployment using IBM watson; embedded it in the frontend using html scripts. It gives suggestions based on user input.
  • Authentication & User registration: Uses NodeJs on the backend and React on the frontend, database: MongoDB
  • Posting: Using Cloudinary API, image and video upload possible.
  • Helpline, A-Z pages: Using React- HTML/CSS

Challenges we ran into

  • Posting feature
  • Trying to connect all the pages with each other
  • Having a uniform UI

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Posting feature
  • Adding friends and messaging them to connect with them and share stories
  • A meditation stopwatch with a bot that helps you

What we learned

  • Got a better understanding of react and how to connect static pages
  • Implementing Watson on front end
  • Cloudinary

What's next for Tranquil Spaces

  • Map feature to show the nearest medical professionals
  • A space for doodling and other calming activities
  • Allowing users to share playlists with each other
  • A reading nook with books related to mental health and how to take care of it
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