Project Story

What is Tranquil and what does it do?

Tranquil allows high school and post-secondary students to anonymously express how they're feeling and find how other students their age have solved these issues. This allows students to receive the same effects as other mental health resources while allowing them to feel comfortable, as other resources require the student to speak or message directly through a phone number or some form of identification. This allows the student to focus more on their studies and maintain their mental health


In recent years, there has been so much support in mental health and wellness. This has been especially emphasized during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The largest issues faced in the education system through the pandemic is not the work, but the mental health and stress that many students face. So, to resolve this issue, we thought to create a website that can help students maintain their mental health so they can relax and focus on school.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of creating this great idea of Tranquil, as it will help a lot of students. We also are proud of the hard work we did from the functioning website to figuring how to connect the Python code and the Google Forms.

What we learned

Tranquil has not only been a great experience for all of us it has also been an amazing educational project. Through this project, we worked on our communication and collaboration skills. We got to work in python and learn new possibilities of the language. We got to try our hand at different platforms like GitHub and replit. Overall this was a great experience.

What's next for the Tranquil Project

Tranquil's next steps are to make users more anonymous and take out the e-mail requirement from the Google form. We also are looking to simplify Tranquil's look, implementing the Python code into the website itself and giving students answers immediately, rather than e-mail. Finally, we can give students a diverse set of responses and help them with their specific issues, causing students to feel less alone, improving their mental health and academic career. Overall, we plan to make Tranquil more simple to use and grow the community.

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