**Team Name: IronSpidey.ai" **Team Members: Cristian Cruz & Conan-Nhan


Some patients have to rely on their local clinics for serious health concerns because they don't who to seek help from, and what options are available in their area. Waiting on the health facility/professional to respond could result in a loss of precious time in recovery.

What it does

Connects patients with a facility/professional they may or may not need help from, and suggests treatment.

How we built it

Two APIs: OpenAI and Google Maps Places OpenAI is responsible for text completion between a patient (the user) and a doctor. Google Maps Places performs a search query with a keyword resulting from OpenAI's diagnosis, and searches for nearby locations that specialize in countering the illness.

Challenges we ran into

Having first thought that the CareDash API was accessible. I had to spend time looking to an alternative.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making our first API calls with Python and building a program that tries to have a healthy impact on common people.

What we learned

Loading environment variables and making API Calls with Python. The AI agent's learning capabilities are very flexible, being able recognize various text patterns and even the context and personality behind the words.

What's next for Tranquil.ai

Creating a GUI to make it more accessible to clients.

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