Problems with the current web3 gaming space:

  • Focused too much on the P2E(Play-to-earn) model
  • Less enjoyable
  • Less community loyalty
  • Unsustainable.

Our Solution

  • “Play-and-earn” Model
  • More Enjoyable
  • Focus on Strong Community Growth
  • Less Entry Barrier
  • Onboard the Young Generation


Trankers is a community-led online "play-and-earn" gaming platform created by CodeDecoders.

Shoot turrets and enemy tanks to increase your score. The more you score the more tokens you will earn. With your earned TRT tokens, upgrade your tanks, buy new tanks and buy extra accessories for your tanks.

How we built it

To develop this platform, we used:

  • Next.JS: We used the most popular React Framework for building our frontend.
  • Unity: We used the popular game development for building the game.
  • Moonbeam: we have deployed two smart contracts using Moonbeam blockchain, the first one being "The Inventory"(all in game items) and the second one being the ERC20 TRT Token


  • Ability to buy new tanks and bullet upgrades
  • All modern browsers supported
  • In Game Token management
  • Simple and fun to play Game
  • Multi-Ownership of NFTs
  • Sort the upgrades based on their popularity, strengths and price

Tech Stack

Frontend: NEXT.JS, Unity, WebGL, web3.js

Backend: Solidity, IPFS


  • [x] Player To Earn
  • [x] Multiple Owner Ownership
  • [ ] Multiplayer Support like a open-world a arena
  • [ ] integration
  • [ ] Security Enhancements/ Auditing in the Smart Contract
  • [ ] More upgrades and abilities
  • [ ] Improve gaming expereince
  • [ ] Improve UI/UX for the Inventory

Future Scope

  • Complex Tokenomics
  • Leaderboard
  • In-Game Voice Chat
  • Story Mode
  • New Characters
  • NFT trading
  • Integrate SBTs for In-Game Achievements
  • Skill Based Matchmaking
  • Transition to 3d mode

Built With

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