Market dynamics are fast changing and we should only expect “faster changes.” With the only constant being change, there is a greater need for accuracy – both in terms of data and timing.

The larger workflow that this group ideated, depicts the need for an enhanced Portfolio Analytics offering for the financial professional “on the GO”. The example in the workflow depicts a Portfolio Manager’s requirement with a combination of Portfolio, Market Data and Analytics to seize on an opportunity to make money for their clients.

The current application developed nails down the need for a concise report that captures as much information with the limited real estate available on a mobile. The application also delivers the data reported pictorially using charts and images.

PS : Limitations/assumptions —————————————-

  • For lack of proper equipment; we’ve only been able to verify the app running on their emulators
  • These applications will run only within the intranet (we used TFCORP domain)

The apps and the supplements are uploaded at

Using the following TRKD API's:
  • Company Fundamentals Data
  • Consensus Broker Estimates
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