Inspired by the heroic dog Trakr, a search and rescue dog recognized for its contributions during the 9/11 attack, we wanted to create an innovative social app that solves the issue of missing persons by using AI technology.

What it does

The app matches the photos of the missing person. Both the person who finds the missing person and the person searching for him upload the photos, and if there’s a match, an SMS notification is sent.

How I built it

We used Next.js for the frontend, Ruby / Python for the backend, and multiple APIs for the different functions of the app. The face matching algorithm is developed by Microsoft Azure.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to find the right APIs to use and learning how to use them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a whole application in less than 48 hours and being able to utilize the different APIs available. Also, coming up with a good concept and story for the app.

What's next for Trakr

We would like to further improve the app and make it production ready. Then, we would like find partner organizations who can make use of the app.

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