Inspiration I'm into personal fitness, since the start of my college carrer. I wanted to create something fun for people to work with as they pursue their fitness journey.

What it does - You can create your own workout or fitness plan, and set times or checkpoints to complete. When the goal is completed you can share it with others on the site, other social media, or simply create another goal to pursue.

How I built it - I used HTML 5 and css to create a simple web interface. There are four pages, the home, logs, friends, and hall of fame pages as well as the login and sign up.

Challenges I ran into - This is my first time attempting to create a project with html5 and css, and so it seemed impossible at first to create even one page. Figureing out how to do basic styling and formatting took a few hours and a lot of youtube. The other challenge I faced was recognizing that if I wanted to get something made to show, I can't spend all my time bouncing around trying to pickup different languages I have no experience with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I was able to take what I got from the youtube and research and start to apply it immediately. It began to get easier to generate pages after the first one.

What I learned - I learned how to start investigating a new language and make something useful with it in a short amount of time. I was confuesd the whole time but I ended up making somehting that runs... maybe poorly but it runs!

What's next for Trak Fitness - Developing the website to be more interactive to learn more web dev, then possibly creating a mobile app.

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