genz be missing rides on the daily lmfao 🤡😀

What it does

trak is a messenger that lets users know when their ride is coming. hence, find and trak your ride!

How we built it

  • communication: slack
  • ui/ux: figma
  • platforms: git/github, vscode, twilio (API)
  • languages: html/css, python
  • frameworks: flask

Challenges we ran into

  • this was our very first time using so many new technologies simultaneously
  • we encountered "what do we do now?" moments (e.g.: not knowing what tools to use, downloading tools, planning out project)
  • lots of bugs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • despite the time crunch, we were able to scale our vision and make an mvp 😄
  • using Flask (completely new to us) (also Alyssa learned Python, HTML, and CSS)
  • using a bit of backend!

What we learned

  • project management (+ flexibility, scaling projects)
  • googling around
  • trying new tools and languages
  • frontend <> backend

What's next for TRAK

more features! (flexibility + convenience + communication + information):

  • pick, match, and change rides
  • choose drivers based on profiles and ratings
  • safety (especially for women/nb, children, etc.)
  • security (rider profiles, accounts/passwords)
  • PWA → make available as app (Android, iOS)
  • expand accessibility features (e.g.: international)
  • tip/pay drivers
  • leave ratings and reviews
  • form ride groups
  • 2-way text
  • trak ride status + estimated times of arrivals
  • receive push notifications
    ...and more!
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