Everybody needs a training partner, as working out solo just isn't any fun (and potentially dangerous). However, I moved to the city alone and know virtually nobody. Something like this would be useful.

It will use a matching algorithm based on location, gender, age, time of day, days of week, and most importantly, activity.

Using HTML/CSS for webstuff with Bootstrap and custom look and feel. AWS using firebase would help run the backend.

GitHub and technical issues severely compromised the project, so what is submitted is actually just a basic wireframe. Also, the team consisted of mostly 1st time hackers as well as recently-changed majors so the skill level was all over the place.

We're proud that we learned about AWS, as well as JS as we are all novices at this.

TrainWithMe needs improving but we're going to eventually not only make it work, but maybe have a personal progress tracker with it, as well as active matches and previous matches, messaging, etc.

I don't know my team members emails as they're all sleeping/afk.

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