TrainSmoker is a location-aware app which validates your location, provides realtime schedule, track, elevator status and platform data to determine how much time you have to grab a smoke before your train arrives.

TrainSmoker will keep you in compliance with the outdoor smoking ban on Platforms, Boarding and Ticketing areas of the MNR and LIRR Rail Lines.

TrainSmoker displays the user's location on an interactive map including the NO Smoking areas in and around the stations.

TrainSmoker eliminates the guesswork by providing the 'Minutes Left to Smoke'. It takes into account the scheduled arrival time and any "late time", "station travel time" or "down elevator time" and delivers an answer to your question

Do I have time to grab a smoke before my train arrives?

NOTICE: Version 1.0 includes the MNR Hudson Line only, other lines coming soon.

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