There comes a moment in every programmer's life when the code simply refuses to work. After several grueling hours of scanning lines you find the problem: a lowercase letter. Several beginners have to deal with syntax misshaps in their early programs, and it can be very frustrating! To combat this problem, we developed trainingWheels, a translator between English and Python.

What it does

trainingWheels will translate English text into syntax-error-free Python code. It is very simple to use and is the perfect tool for beginner programmers who need to get used to the syntax. trainingWheels also emphasizes efficiency as well as usability. Even advanced programmers who need to write a line of quick code can use trainingWheels. It is an incremental and iterative way to write code using the English language. With it, you can create Python programs and import and edit your previous projects.

How we built it

We made a Python file that will translate the raw text into Python code. Additionally, we had a website that could take in input, process it through Python, and return it in a beautiful and simplistic editor.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, the web server we used for our website was very fickle near the end of hack time, and due to its violent nature it had to be scrapped. However, we were able to edit our python file to make a more usable interface. After submitting the English text to the program, your fresh, clean-syntax Python will be exported as a .py file.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After scrapping the HTML part of our project, we had to rush and edit our Python script in the remaining 30 minutes of hack time. We were able to complete the project, and through tough obstacles we managed to complete our goal.

What we learned

Through trainingWheels, we learned a lot more about cross platform programming and even some fun design tricks. We also learned how to manage a project under time pressure and other tech-related obstacles.

What's next for trainingWheels

trainingWheels can be used to innovate programming and education. By using trainingWheels, amateur programmers can learn to code much more easily and can connect ideas in programming to English. Additionally, trainingWheels can be expanded to much more complicated programming languages.

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