Gimbal bluetooth retail communication device

How it works

Take your workout data from any watch,cardio,catapultsports,enter into a traininglog, upload log to gimbal, have your trainor review and advise, pick up info from gimbal device, or email, twitter

Challenges I ran into

Gimbal is very difficult to install on all levels of this communication apps. I created two apps one for the trainor and one for the athelete to communicate via all of the devices and data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to see this concept and create many of the useful links, and hardware needed to relay all of this data through several chanels, and training devices to assist an athelete's training and recovery.

What I learned

Multi chanel data product resolution More about Gimbal and multi channel access and data development, final communication of product

What's next for trainingbuddy

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