This application was inspired by the fact that chemistry is everywhere and new generations of customers are more aware of the possible damages and side effects that manufactured products can cause to the environment and to themselves. New technologies that use chemistry to make better decisions will have a great impact on satisfying the growing demand from customers and society to offer more ecological and sustainable products.

Chemical compounds are used, consumed, or stored every day, so it is significant that people use products that contain chemicals safely and reliably. This application is intended to identify when a user wants to mix more than one chemical compound, store a chemical compound or product that may contain it, and search for general information about a chemical compound.

Customers more frequently check the labels of manufactured products to see if they are safe or dangerous to use. Mandy, the smart companion, could be the right ally to better inform people and take action on how to handle chemicals or products that contain them. Ultimately, customers will act securely with the trusted information Mandy provided. In the particular case of this application, the user needs to know about a specific chemical, so in that sense the necessary information will be entered in a sentence or question with which it is allowed to expose the specific situation in which the user is.

What it does

Identify chemical compounds and the intended use that users plan to give those chemical compounds

How I built it

This application was built in Python and integrates different technologies and libraries that use machine learning algorithms.

Challenges I ran into

The challenge of learning to code a consistent sequence of procedures in Python led the application to identify the enormous potential can offer by identifying the right intentions and integrating them with more sophisticated topics like chemistry and customer preferences. Understanding chemistry requires a special skill that this app hopes to foster among its users. Ultimately, this could provide us with real benefit and competitive advantage to improve our environment and our business products.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Improve my programming skills in python and apply them to the area of ​​applied chemistry

What I learned

New libraries, platforms for the use of python applications and new computer tools for the management of chemicals at an industrial level

What's next for Mandy - The Smart Companion

The application and the tutorial can be improved as PubChem provides around 110 million data of chemical computations, suggestions, patents and applications that could be used to streamline processes that require the recognition of chemicals and their potential uses and applications. In this aspect, an improvement would be expected in the identification of other data that PubChem already stores, but that due to lack of efficiency in the programs have not been used as the identification of patents or chemical structures with high potential for research

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