With the 'new norms' ever evolving and everyone taking a step towards self care with doing fitness exercises at home from different sources from virtual classes to pre-recorded videos. While it's great to take this step towards gymming and using exercise equipment themselves, improper usage can lead to serious injuries. Having said that women going through different phases in life from puberty, pregnancy, menopause and the monthly hormone cycles, improper or/and irregular fitness regimes can end up doing severe damage and causing a lot of pain. We are building a device to help you track your equipment and exercise usage and let you share your progress with people like your family or your trainer.

What it does

It is a stick on device. You just stick the device to your equipment. It is an esp8266 based microcontroller that has sensors like accelerometer and other such sensors connected to and these sensors send data to our mobile application.

How we built it

We built it using nodemcu, arduino IDE and MIT app inventor

What we learned

Integration of hardware and software is always an interesting path because everytime there are these creative errors that challenge your patience.

What's next for Training Liaison

Tons! We have imagined multiple specific use cases to minimise any damage and eventually even sync it with women's menstrual cycles to be able to recommend the exercise and eventually even complimentry diets.

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