Training Houston provides a platform where vocational training, programs, and funding can be posted; and Houstonians can find empowering tools for a better future. The dynamic application can operate as a stand-alone or extension to (" and/or (

We were inspired by a shared appreciation of learning and helping our city progress along with advances in science and technology. We want to help those who are unfortunately not able to find employment opportunities in this rapidly changing economy. Our goal is to help these people quickly find vocational training for the most demanded jobs in the Houston area, and also provide avenues for the to gain access to those training opportunities.

We are happy with our idea. The front end would be deliberately simple (the aim is for them not to stay on the site for more than 30 seconds). However, the backend is very data heavy, and there needs to be a collaboration effort to centralize all training resources and job opportunities available in Houston. This can be folded into the business cataloging and/or the tweetmyjobs initiative.

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