It takes years of practice and tons of money to train a National Level player. In the beginning years, they do not know the correct technique and what they are doing wrong, which results in investing money in individual coaching and in some cases losing interest.

With this in mind, We decided to do some data-driven performance analysis that could make training easier and faster.

Our goal is to develop a technology that helps the players improves training effectiveness from the beginning. We want to give an experience where a novice can train better, perform better and learn quicker.

What it does

The ball contains a motion detection technology. It collects and reports data on the web such as force, trajectory, spin, number of passes and number of touches. Then uses this data to provide coaching cues to help you improve your game. Some of the Features of our TrAIner are -

  1. Keep track of ball passes
  2. Keep track of touches, Force applied, Spin, Play Time
  3. Keep track of player's progress
  4. Build and store player's historical profile

How we built it

First we bought a ball to build the TrAIner. And then worked on hardware setup and soldered all the components to make a compact design. We programmed our hardware to sense the data and send the data to the computer. We created a web-based UI for data visualization. And then created a data set using different motions with the ball. Then we worked on AI based recognition system using Python.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was hours and hours of brainstorming to find an out of box idea. And then the next challenge that we came across was deciding on the ways and algorithms to use to convert our vision into reality.

Managing the team and task distribution as well as the data collection part was a bit challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making progress in the implementation of the idea that was just in our minds till yesterday. Additionally, we were very successful in collaboration and each team member contributing equally. None of us have ever been on a team that worked so well together and had each member working to the best of their ability for the full twenty-four hours.

We are very proud of our product we are building and its potential!

What we learned

The whole challenge was a great learning for each and every team member. We learnt how we can use technology to make someone's life easier and help them in their development with the right training. And also how to manage a team with people from diverse technical and cultural backgrounds. With combined efforts a lot can be achieved in 36 hrs.

What's next for TrAIner

TrAIner has a lot of potential for future growth. Our goal is to bring soccer and other ball games to the next level where players will perform targeted training to strength their weak points based on the recommendations of TrAiner. Our next step will be a more sophisticated study of the market and its needs. Based on that study, we will optimize our features and also add the missing ones. At that level we will release our MVP as a Beta App to some professional athletes and trainers to get their feedback about the product and fix detected bugs and issues. After that we will release the product for the public and start a first funding round. We expect many sports companies to be interested in investing in our company since they care a lot about the teams their are sponsoring. TrAIner will not only help developing the individual levels of each player, but also enhance the overall playing tactics and strategies of the team based on the strengths and the weaknesses of each team member.

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