COVID 19 made schools stop activities pretty abruptly and it is uncertain as to when they would resume classes. Our Team, is an Edtech company already so we created this application to help learning continue irrespective of the pandemic situation. We know that assessment is the proof of learning so we decided to create testX.

What it does

testX helps schools and teachers carryout student assessment seamlessly online through a Computer Based Testing Application. The teacher creates test questions and the student is able to take timed tests, get scored immediately and see the correct answers to the questions thereafter.

How I built it

We built this from scratch putting to use our technical and business experience as an edtech company with two existing products.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to make it as simple as possible so the teacher sees it as a digital question paper and marking scheme rather than a software.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got 12 data points from 20 samples. I got commitment from 2 private schools a state's commission of education representative to use the product when it's ready

What I learned

We've always preached that learning should be continuous but testX has showed us how to make it really continuous esp in low data areas through the use of text based resources. Also we're learning fom survey and feedback that assessment is as important as the training.

What's next for TestX

After development is complete, we see alot of schools in K12 categories using this application for Assignments, Term Tests and even exams. We plan to create an offline version of it that when installed can be used by schools offline. We also plan to scale it to SMEs that need to carryout recruitment or promotion tests occasionally.

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