Software, in particular, productivity and lifestyle applications, has impacted nearly every facet of life. Yet, as millennials have demonstrated an increased interest in pursuing activities outdoors, there are not as many avenues to improve the experience of activities like camping through the use of software.

Leading busy lives during the workweek, and desiring to find a way to fuse our love of computing with a love of the outdoors, we wanted to make an application that helps organize and streamline the planning of a camping trip for a group of friends.

What it does

Using web development techniques, TrailHub leverages the functionality of google maps, open weather map, and google calendar to allow users to provide a date and location that they would like to go camping. The application loads up nearby campsites, along with their addresses and ratings. When selected on the map, the application will provide the weather forecast for the next seven days, and when selected from the menu, the user will be supplied a page to add an event to their calendar and invite their friends.

How we built it

The entire project is coded with a combination of html, javascript, css, and jquery.

Arriving on the landing page, the user provides the desired date and location of their trip. After validating their input, the page makes a (dare we say?) beautiful transition to the map/campsite view. A stylized google map screen, with markers placed on all locations referenced as camp sited in google's database within 500 miles. An associated list item is made in a list on the right side, providing address and trail rating out of 5.

When the user selects one of the markers, the map centers on that marker and a call to the open weather map API loads the next 7 days of weather forecast into a display at the bottom right corner.

If one of the list items is selected using a button placed on the side, the users date entry, alongside the address and name of the location are passed into a link to begin creating a new google calendar event, which can be shared with friends.

Challenges we ran into

  • Using an API
  • Pulling which locations in google maps are camp sites.
  • Using dynamic location data to generate API calls to open weather map, and using that to display weekly weather.
  • Making the landing page/map page transition work graphically.
  • Passing data to the google calendar link
  • Parsing data and making it comprehensible to the user
  • Making it pretty

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 4 strangers at their first Bitcamp --> Actual project!
  • Learning how to use an API
  • Used persistence to solve problems when we hit walls with the code. (A lot of reverse engineering code found on Github)
    • Getting a taste of what web development projects are like.

What's unique about Trail

  • Custom UI/UX.
  • Bring collaborative planning to the outdoors.

What's next for TrailHub

  • UI improvements (auto complete, stars for rating system, actual re-search bar)
  • Shared Packing List (To-do list items created/completed as a group, this means backend)
  • Alerts through email. (SparkPost)
  • Mobile App Support (We actually had 2 members who have worked with iOS and Android dev.)
  • Larger scope trips (Multi day/ vacation)
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