As aspiring freelancers, we have faced many issues when finding appropriate jobs for our skills. Freelancer websites often fail to provide an equal opportunity for all freelancers while adequately connecting freelancers' skills to appropriate jobs. The traditional online freelancing environment fails to provide an opportunity for beginner freelancers to find jobs and improve their reputation/portofolio, which discourages many and makes freelancing more difficult.

What it does

Trailblazer starts by training freelancers in the skills required for their freelancing path of interest, certifying them in these skills through app-regulated curriculum and certification tests, then allowing them to apply for jobs.

How we built it

Sketch, React Native, Firebase

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the front end to the backend is and has been difficult and will definitely be something we work on in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a cohesive app that looks professional, can be pursued further outside of hackathons.

What we learned

A lot about how to use Firebase, data structures, etc.

What's next for Trailblazer

We plan to build Trailblazer into a full-fledged application and website within the following months, and eventually monetizing it if we get the chance.

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