Trail Hunter AR provides a fun and simple way to share local trails with others. Place virtual markers along your path as you travel. Optionally include a message along with each marker via text, audio, or video. Post your trail publicly in-app so that others can follow in your footsteps, or save and share your trail privately through e-mail or social media. A trail may be simply one marker at your favorite restaurant or consist of three hundred markers along your weekend bike ride. Markers may be placed within easy view of each other or require you to decipher a clue leading to the next location. The possibilities are endless. Trail Hunter AR is built on the Metaio platform for augmented reality and provides the best possible experience on a pair of Moverio BT-200 smartglasses. The see-through display helps virtual markers blend seamlessly into your surroundings and allows you to keep your eyes on the path ahead as you place or discover them. Come join us on a trail hunt!

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