bold The solution Trafidly comes from the union of the words "traffic" and "friendly"

Trafidly is inspired by the great technological advances that have solved real problems today, I emplenado methods and innovative developments as have platforms like UBER, CARROT, Evernote, among many others. Thus achieving break paradigms and open the vision of millions of people, promoting technological achievements that never imagined five years ago.

What it does

The solution Trafidly , this set developed a hybrid between information technologies and methods and strategies of gamification, G-Learning and customer loyalty as well as the Basic Standards of Citizenship Competencies employees in countries like Colombia.

Where the technological tools through different mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets or smart watch can display different transportation options, ranging from sharing his vehicle or of some other particular travel by public transport or both. Eficientando times daily movement and seeking to reach various goals and objectives, making each journey a unique experience.

The vehicle driver who share your home will have a fee for each transfer passengers to their final destination, as well as having the chance to win medals or incentives that can be redeemed at participating institutions or establishments (Department stores, car services or remission of payments to government).

For users who share with other drivers may have various options of leisure and recreation will exist as various recreational activities that can resolve as a team, making purchase incentives or rewards individual or together, promoting with this the cooperation of citizens.

Social media may also like the interaction with spotify used, twitter, Facebook and others, thus achieving a social network of concerned about providing assistance to the existing traffic in their towns users.

The service is safe and reliable and will be intended as a means of direct communication with government officials, providing sections of interest and interaction. The key is to provide the correct stimulus concientenzando users and high negative impact involves not share your vehicle.

How I built it

For the use of the standards employees are used in the manual of citizen conviviality of Colombia, as well as the application of playful learning methods or Gamification, Moprosoft developed the standard for software quality and standard for CompTIA Project + project management.

Using communication techniques through APIs, Web Services, and building technology related models of databases offered by Oracle Apex, connect each of the services and programming in Xamarin studio to make a mobile platform Android or IOS seeks technify these methods..

Challenges I ran into

The face as the paradigm shift in the inhabitants of Mexico City and customs sometimes not sharing their resources. As a resident of Mexico City who lived many experiences on challenges they comvierten when you do not have a union between the interests of Government, business and society.

Search and positively encourage or share knowledge and provide value to citizenship joining these 3 large segment is the biggest challenge, to which any technology deal was reached in a city like Mexico City in Latin America.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The out of the box, in which many engineers and developers find ourselves thinking that the solution is 100% in the application of information technologies, neglecting the human factor, which is what gives us the real problem although sometimes people look not solve, you should consider to offer a value proposition to our problems, so I consider it a real achievement to develop this solution "outside the box".

What I learned

I learned to use the Lean Startup methodology to validate the problem through various experimientos and know that there are countries like Colombiac with standards and manuals citizen living together, beyond the technology I had to investigate to validate the technical feasibility, all processes required to achieve greater success in building the solution.

What's next for Trafidly (Traveler Friendly)

Complete development of basic algorithmic models as well as of the flowcharts that will allow me to model the structure of the application and more easily develop various modules in parallel, start searching the collaboration of different stakeholders in the problem as the government, companies and public transport in the city.

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