Traffic Party (Party on the go! Defeat Los Angeles' insanely long traffic congestion!)


L.A.'s traffic congestion is the world's worst for sixth straight year, according to a report by INRIX (source). Despite the city spending $1.6 billion and 5 years to expand the 405 Freeway Sepulveda Pass to add a lane for each direction, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority conducted a study showing traffic time has gotten worse (source). Adding more road capacity does not reduce traffic congestion; rather, it just causes more driving. To accommodate L.A. slow traffic, we believe that our mobile application can underpin the frustration of waiting in traffic.

Make fun during waiting on Traffic

What it does

Sick of Los Angeles traffic? Take the frustration away with the Traffic Party app, available on iOS! The app aims to connect the nearby commuters to engage in a fun activity during their long commute. You can simply host a traffic party which will notify the nearby commuters to join in on the fun - or join a party that is already happening nearby. The current available game is similar to Mad Libs, where each users in the party will take turn answering the prompt (noun, verb, adjective, etc). Upon completion, the app will read back the collective work produced by the entire party members. We’ve incorporated the text-to-speech feature to ensure that the game will not interfere with the driving.

Mockups (We produced trending design patterns to make next app fresh and competitive)

How we built it

App development

  • React Native to create the mobile application

User interface (UI):

  • Figma (Mockups and Designs)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Illustrations)

Challenges we ran into

  • Coming up with an original idea that fulfills our requirements in short amount of time
  • Implementing Facebook API was difficult using React Native, thus we switched to Swift
  • Slow WiFi when we are collaborating
  • Getting access to the mentors who know Swift

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of having beautiful designs for our app during this hackathon.

What we learned

Our mentor James gave us amazing advice. He suggests when coming up of ideas, we should look into current day problems and tell a story with our solution. A good pitch tells a story and empathizes with a group of people dealing with this issue. We find there pain points and ask good questions. James also mentioned that a full pledge hackathon project needs prioritize and embraced the teammate member’s strong skills. Our team was good with mobile development so we thought about ideas surrounding users experience with their smartphone.

What's next for Traffic Party

We first launched the app with Los Angeles commuters in mind, though the app is accessible to anyone who has iOS. In the future versions, we will be adding new games to expand our features and member base.


Traffic Party was created by Nhat Nguyen, Nhat Trinh, Pierce Tu, and Leimmi Zhang.

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