Inspiration -

We were fed up of getting stuck in traffic, and losing hours of productivity to its problems.

What it does -

It's an Android background service built alongside a UI to help and encourage users reduce their drive-times, drive outside of rush hour, and choose alternative modes of transportation, primarily via an open coupon posting/ reviewing platform.

How we built it -

We used Android Studio, Java, GreenDAO, HERE Traffic API, and Google Positioning / Transition API. We split up into 2 backend and 2 front end developers to get the job done.

Challenges we ran into -

Finding the right traffic API to compliment our cost constraints and accurate data needs was a huge one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

We built a really efficient and powerful service that we believe will empower end-users. We're proud of being able to perfect our idea through this hackathon and learn valuable skills regarding asynchronous programming, multilayer algorithmic programming, and optimizing local databases.

What we learned -

We learned that the biggest part of participating in a hackathon is growing as a developer and having fun, NOT competing. Talking to new people and sharing ideas is already a huge reward, especially when we're getting a chance to help our city in the process.

What's next for TraffiCoin -

Completion and Finalization fo UI, Full-Scale Server Support to Build a Community, Blockchain Integration. We want to spread this beyond just Houston..

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