For the first time ever, you can gather accurate volume, rate, and speed measurements of automobiles and bicycles, then easily upload and map the information to a central online database.

The TrafficCOMputer works like other traffic counters, but has two key differences: lower cost and open data. At 1/10th price of the least expensive comparable product, TrafficCOM is affordable. The TrafficCOM Data Uploader allows you to seamlessly upload and map your latest traffic count data, making it instantly available to anyone online.

Collectively, the TrafficCOMmunity has the potential to build a rich repository of traffic count data for bike paths, city alley ways, neighborhood streets, and busy boulevards from around the world. With a better understanding of automobile and bicycle ridership patterns, we can inform the design of better cities and towns and change the way we design streets forever.

In order to build the user database and respond to the strong interest and demand for TrafficCOMs, we hosted a limited number of sales of hand-made beta prototypes via the TrafficCOM website. The device was not available in any other commercial outlet.

The version of the product shown in the video, photos, and on the website shows the old version of the device. We have since made designs and mechanical / electrical engineering files to prep for an improved version.

The objective of us submitting to NextTopMaker is to create a market-ready, substantially improved next version of the device and website, wherein the device would have a fully integrated microcontroller board, a new housing design with security loop and status lights, a more durable pressure tube. Additionally, the website would have improvements to the uploading and updating experience.

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