Living in a country like mine where you witness a lot of accidents happen each and every single day, you think of possible ways how to tackle it to make life easier and safer for all. Fatal accidents happen almost every day and the culprits or offenders get away with it without being brought to justice whilst the family of the deceased are left to mourn the death of their loved ones without any closure or shred of justice. This simulation system was built with the intention that when installed, it might help reduce the rate of accidents and also bring offenders to justice.

What it does

The Offence System in theory detects Offence in certain conditions.

  1. When the red light is on, a sensor or pressure plate activates based on the lane of the traffic light. If a car on that lane crosses the sensor, a motion camera snaps the image of the plate number of the car and then saves it in the Offence database system with the date and time the offence was committed.
  2. And when the offence leads to an accident or a crash, it is then classified as a capital offence and saved in the database

How we built it

The application was built using the following tools:  The C# programming language was used to write the algorithms and logic  The .Net Framework was used to provide a very good environment and ready to use libraries.  The MS SQLSERVER was used as the database.  The powerpack library in Windows Forms was used to provide the best tools for the layout and page design

Challenges we ran into

Found it a bit challenging using some of the tools and other powerpack tools because it has really been a very long time since I built Automated and computerized Applications using Windows Forms and also their unique way of connecting to the database and other database query operations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 I am proud of building this entire automated system from scratch.  I am also happy I was able to build this alone from top to the bottom.  Even though something like this already exists in other developed countries, I am still proud of able to come up and build my own version of it and hopefully get the attention of the high ranking people in my country to make something out of it.

What we learned

I learned that, in the world of IT nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it, make a lot of meticulous research and asking the right questions.

What's next for Traffic Offence Simulation System

I hope I get enough time and support to continue and make enough research to improve the quality of this application, add more features, make it user friendly, make it more accurate when it comes to reading and storing data, maybe add more AI to help me build a more robust and more efficient automated Offence system with the support of our government.

Built With

  • .netframework
  • c#
  • powerpack
  • sqlserver
  • winforms
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