Hello I was thinking that the traffic control system in India is not well managed.. As we all know that at evey stop of red signal there is a stop of 30 seconds. They traffic system doesn't care if there is a traffic getting jam or there is a traffic less side... The system is actually a cycle... So I was thinking that.. If the system is modified in such a like.. At every 500m or 1km .. If they keep a sensor which reads the vehicle passing through it at every 5-10 second then we can make out which side will be prone to traffic... And we can just change the system timing or we can reduce it... So that there we be no traffic getting jam... Incident:- once I was stuck in traffic and when I saw the other side.. There was no traffic but the signal was open for them.. And on my side the traffic was getting double tripled... .. At that point I thought if they modify the system so that the sensor can detect which side is gonna create a chaos... And can change the traffic control system


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