A useful and safe app for London drivers. Every one of us has a routine way to get to work and home. This app notifies driver of any traffic incident before his daily commute. It answers the question is there any incidents on my way to work?

How it work?

  1. Select schedule time for morning and evening commute
  2. Select major road corridors for your route
  3. Be notified of any incident before you drive.

The app is designed for use before driving. It notifies driver before his daily commute. With information of accident occurs on his route, the driver can avoid the traffic jam. It helps to reduce congestion in London and save driver from being struck in a traffic jam.

Using Ford's OpenXC platform, the app in the future gathers the car speed and acceleration data and determine if it is coming into a traffic jam. The app can then automatically download reverent data and search for information about the jam ahead. It can read aloud to the driver the reverent incident based on his location. This piece of traffic information is specially important to the driver; he can decide whether to stay on for a minor jam (e.g. vehicle breaks down at road shoulder) or divert to alternative route for a massive jam. All this can be done without the user touching his iPhone.

Know before you drive!

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