Do you have the situation that you want to find the traffic information or nearby place, but you are behind the wheel and it's impossible to input especially your phone is still locked. I think everyone must be in such circumstance sometimes. And most likely, you have to pull over your vehicle, open the map APP and input the address or landmark name.

What it does

By using “Navigation ScreenLock”, only one slide and you are on your way. One slide can unlock your phone and start the navigate to the destination pre-defined before.

And by sliding to three different directions, you have choices: 1.Sliding to Driver-to icon, navigation starts automatically to the destination

  1. Sliding to Exit icon, your phone will be unlocked as normal 3.Sliding to Nearby icon, your phone will start to guide you to the nearby place as you defined(such, gas station...)


(1) Unlock your phone without looking at the screen (2) Get driving navigation and nearby place while unlocking your phone (3) App will use Alohar SDK to show user the current city (4) App will use Alohar SDK to show destination recommendation for driving navigation

How I built it

Use Android Studio, Alohar SDK and Real Device

Challenges I ran into


SDK document is not clear enough, need to dig out the usage through the sample application. Document does not have exact explanation of terms inside the API.


Some devices have soft navigation bar, need to adjust the UI for different screens.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With Alohar, "Navigation ScreenLock" can get the location information dynamically. Thus, people can get navigation to nearby place with this APP on the move. Save time, save life!

What I learned

Alohar is very useful and give user stay information dynamically. I have not enough time to explore all the usages of it. But I believe I could find more and more user cases based on such rich information.

What's next for Traffic Locker

I will explore more data from Alohar and dig out more user cases based on it. Android wear support will be added.

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