couple weeks ago I found me and my brother standing in a junction and waiting for a long time that the traffic light will be light,at the same moment we had the same thought, we asked ourselves why are we waiting? after 2 days , we have been on another ride and by stopping at the traffic light on red we saw an accident at the junction, by that we know that this gonna be a major issue to solve on the hackton and espically in day life.

How it works

We (liran,Benjamin,Elad,Eyal and geva) are using computer vision (based on open cv) and simple web cams watching the junction , to diced real time about priorties , trying to prevent feature accident and opening a new way of commute.

Challenges I ran into

we had some big challenges including , real time hardware issues , developed complex algorthems and bulding a working model that shows our soultion and inclure smart traffic mangement algo of traffic lights.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud of acomplishing a final working product.

What I learned

We've learned so much about teamwork, including collaberate coding using svn, solving problem in parralel as a team. and we were trully inspired by each others innovative ideas.

What's next for Traffic Light Management

There is a lot more to go further with this idea, what we've managed to do is to open a whole new world were every body could change the algorithms used for traffic management or have access to the lastest and largest statistial info about the way we all commute

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