1.ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY FALLING ASLEEP WHILE DRIVING Kenya losses more than 3,000 people because of road accidents every year mostly due to drivers falling asleep while on the wheel this is something that many drivers experience while driving, especially now that folks need to use their cars for long distance commute between towns and cities due to lack of flights, sleep is a major problem that results to most accidents, drowsy driving kills. 2.TRAFFIC CONGESTION IN NAIROBI CITY Traffic congestion is a constant pain for drivers and passengers; Nairobi has been ranked the second worst city in the world on traffic congestion. This results to delays, low productivity at the workplace, fuel waste, pollution and road rage. This has been made worse by fear of using public transport from fear of getting infected with covid-19 everyone is now using private cars on a daily basis

What it does

1.STOPPING ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY SLEEP DRIVING With the phone mounted on the vehicles dashboard facing the driver the app uses the front camera to constantly scan the drivers face for drowsiness once signs are detected the app warns the driver. To keep the driver active the app initiates a conversation such as telling the driver to recite the alphabet in a descending order to keep the brain stimulated. Also to avoid holding the phone while driving, drivers can now use speech to do the following; •Reading text messages (SMS) and also reply to the messages through text to speech plugin in the app (hoping to include social media) •Ask for directions and possible resting places during long trips •Initiating calls and responding to incoming calls through voice commands 2.ELIMINATION OF TRAFFIC SNARL-UPS ON NAIROBI CITY ROADS Key concept of this solution is the removal of excess vehicles from the road during pick hours momentarily so as to enable for high flow rate of the vehicles passing through the city center heading towards the city. This shall be done by encouraging persons with vehicles whose registration numbers start with a certain number remain at home or their workplaces for a 30 minute duration while the other half of vehicles use the road, a mobile phone application will be used to determine in an orderly manner which vehicles shall be on hold while indicating which ones should be on the road at that same time.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming up with a solution that helps my fellow citizens to solve problems they face everyday and costs them lots of money on fuels wasted on the road, this system will have great benefits to Nairobi city if put to use the solution will lead to social, economic and environmental benefits

What I learned

What's next for Traffic Jam Eliminator

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