Bengaluru’s traffic problem Also called India’s Silicon Valley, or India’s Startup Capital, Bengaluru is world-renowned for being a hub of innovation, cutting-edge research and great tech talent. But Bengaluru also carries the tag of being India’s third-most populous city, having enjoyed for decades a preferred status among students, job-seekers and global companies. The population influx, combined with rising aspirations and inadequate infrastructure, has however made Bengaluru burst at the seams, giving rise to a perennial problem: Traffic Gridlock.

As an innovative tech-company born in Bengaluru, which firmly believes that all new innovation should benefit society at large, I concerned citizens in the city to try and find solutions to fix Bengaluru’s traffic problem. Solution:- Traffic Denouement Sometimes you just can’t avoid the rush hour traffic and the congestion. But you can contribute less traffic on the road by carpooling. Carpooling is a great way to get to and from work. You won’t always have to drive, which reduces stress, and each person can take turns driving. This saves on the wear-and-tear to your vehicle and car maintenance costs. Carpooling also promotes better traffic flow and less air emissions in the environment

technlogy stack:- AzureKudujam (Javascript)HTML5 PHP

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