As a student when I bought my first car, on the first day at school my new car was scratched by another student driver while I was in class, there was no one present to note any insurance information thereby leaving me with no option but to bear the cost of repair.

What it does

For the mobi grand hackathon we created an intelligent traffic system that is self controlled by exchanging sensor data between pedestrians, buildings and vehicles.

These data exchanges happen on the decentralized blockchain network running on hyper ledger fabric and composer on the AWS managed blockchain solution.

In our intelligent system, sensors in cars auto exchange insurance information in any accident scenario, thereby voiding the need for drivers to come out in dangerous traffic conditions.

Pedestrians carry our mobile app on their phones and will be able to exchange coins and other information in case of hit and run or any minor accidents and can also easily report bad drivers by capturing the broadcasting sensor vehicle data.

Our intelligent traffic system also enables anyone with free ground to create an ad-hoc parking system, which they can list on the network, drivers can reserve and use such a parking spot on the blockchain network.

The blockchain system also enables emergency vehicles like an ambulance to pay other drivers in crypto currency coin to get off the road for a limited time to make way for such vehicles to reach their destinations easily

How I built it

Unity3d and C# for Demo City layout with A.I. Angular 4, Nodejs, Hyperledger Fabric, Composer, AWS Managed Blockchain

Challenges I ran into

How to visually present the concept, so i chose unity3d gaming engine

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to make the Unity3d work and show intelligent traffic movement and integrating with Rest Api calls to Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

What I learned

Hard to explain the concept with just a web app, need for people to see things in action to understand the concept

What's next for Traffic Blox

As the next steps, we will be using sensors installed on buildings that block driver view to pass on information on the vehicle dashboard about approaching cars to avoid any accidents.

Build out the IOT hardware that uses this system and working with a Car Manufacturer to test it out

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