Have you even got stuck ? I have, we have That's where our idea come from to solve the problem

What it does

Identify and predict the locations where traffic jam is happening and other issues such as flooding and then suggest solutions by showing passengers where to go to avoid traffic jams. This app is for everybody who has a smart phone and internet access who are participating in the traffic

How we built it

This app work as chatbot to give information to users. Use android app as client and web api written in python (flask) as server. Get data from live traffic camera using opencv and from user. Prediction model is trained from collected data using tensorflow

Challenges we ran into

Lack of big data. Video processing from differrent angles

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Friendly UI, UX with a nice chatbot. Complex system architecture

What we learned

Presentation, pitch skill. Problem solving

What's next for Traffic Analysis

Apply Deep Learning model to extract data from videos instead of openCV Build a cross-platform mobile application Better processing for big data

Built With

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