Hsuehshan Tunnel highway #5 has a shape that allows to be used as the baseline for a chart that is served from czml (json) file.

What it does

Visualize traffic information and combine it with weather info.

How I built it

Converted original json to postgresql. Then, I used node.js to create the czml (json) file that is injected to the visualization.

Challenges I ran into

Conversion from original structure to my final format required a bit of work. I didn't found much examples of cesium format so I went through a few trial test cycles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think semaphore colors assigned to speed chart are good in combination with the volume illustrated by bar height. Heights and speed values are normalized.

What I learned

Cesium javascript library and also their czml format.

What's next for Traffic Analysis

Run analysis on more variables.

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