Inspiration - We wanted to dititalize tradings between individuals and companies, between companies, and between individuals. Trading can play a huge role in our lives, especially when done on a virtual platform between individuals of similar interest. It can contribute to the prosperity of an individual - fueling economic growth, supporting good jobs at home, raising living standards and helping citizens provide for their families with affordable goods and services. Among all these benefits, online trading helps you save time and money. Fueled by the benefits of trading, we came up with TRADONICS to make trading feasible and trust able.

What it does - TRADONICS is a website that is designed to make trading a simpler task. On TRADONICS, users have the freedom to trade anything they want, it ranges from business corporations to the smallest items. Also, companies can trade in between them. TRADONICS offers a chatting feature that can be private or public and allows individuals to discuss their trades.

How we built it - We built our website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.

Challenges we ran into - We initially wanted to use Google Sign Up API and we tried to make it work as best as we could, however, we ran into some issues while doing it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are really proud of our UI. We made quiet a lot pages that are visually appeasing in a short time.

What we learned - We learned about team collaboration and how to make an idea become a product in 24 hour.

What's next for Tradonics - We would like to see TRADONICS implemented in our world in the next following years because it would make trading more of a feasible task than a daunting one.

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