While visiting my native last year, I found a family which was making a famous "Patoda Saree" (Patan, Gujarat). When I discussed with them about their expertise, they were disappointed and told me about their shutting down due to lack of market, I felt so bad. Then I realized this is something which isn't confined to them only, but a general problem faced by all local artists.

What it does

So, here comes ( - platform as well as end-to-end delivery service). We simply give online presence to the skilled people whosoever don't have the market in their nearby locality.

How I built it

We built this platform by using PHP at server side + MySQL as database + Bootstrap, Foundation and CSS for UI/UX + jQuery UI for live searching and effective pagination + Exotel APIs for getting into direct touch with rural artists about their products status whosoever don't have an internet facility.

Connectivity between two ends(Consumer + Maker)

village -> city model. Consumer can buy listed art works as well as he/she can customize the order according to his/her needs. At maker side, we give an online presence to them and give them employment within their own localities. To connect these two ends we plan to have some area representatives to directly communicate with the artists and he'll going to take care of everything from enlisting the product to delivery.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of message service using Exotel APIs to register the user and enlist the products. In addition, carrying out interaction with the vendors using the same service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully managed a huge number of images as well as integrating Exotel APIs. Using APIs we integrate our online portal with message based services. We try to connect the huge mass of skilled people at rural level with our very own portal to the consumers based on cities. By just checking out the message will be automatically send to both the sides with required data. So without using internet artists will be updated about the status of their products.

What we learned

How to use messaging service along with online webapp.

What's next for TradKart

Making all the services directly accessible and more feasible to the rural people by messages and/or calls in their local languages. We are planning to make an android applcaition for our customer base at Tier 2 and Tier3 cities later after this hack-a-thon.

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