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Tradize is an application to teach aspiring investors in a direct, effective and enjoyable manner. It provides a platform for both people looking to invest and people who are proficient at investing and wish to expand their outreach. Tradize uses a simulated investment system using "trade points," which can be used to unlock new courses and to demonstrate your proficiency and skill in investing.

Our choice of using the points you invest to unlock new courses stems from the belief that points reflect on how proficient you are with investing. Instead of learning at the same pace as everybody else in a typical class, where the speed and the quantity of the lessons may demotivate you, Tradize presents a new and innovative approach to learning about investing. Tradize assures that you don't feel overwhelmed by the amount of content yet to learn, while still always providing you with a solid set of courses at every level to help evolve your investment skills.

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