Stock trading is very complicated and risky to get started in. We decided that there needs to be a way for people to invest without risk and without ridiculous fees.

What it does

Tradium is basically a simulated stock trading application with real returns, no risk and no fees. The stock market in Tradium mirrors the real world stock market. The user can choose to "invest" real money into stocks that they choose. Since the users are investing in a simulated market, there are no broker fees or any other fees!

Tradium doesn't actually invest in the stocks that the user chooses. Instead, we use our own stock trading algorithm to generate returns off of the user's investment. On average, a computer generates a higher return than a human. Thus, when the user wants to sell their stock, we will keep the difference between the user's return and our algorithm's return.

However, we will limit the amount of the user's return at our algorithm's return. This may seem unfair, but Tradium will also guarantee no loss for the user. If the user invests in a poor stock, they would have lost money in the real stock market. However, since we don't actually invest in the stocks that the user chooses, we can easily mitigate their "loss" and give back their original investment!

How we built it

Backend was built using Python and Flask. This handles the core logic for Tradium's mirrored stock market. Frontend was done in Android and React. This provides a UI for the user to manage their account and stocks. Tradium's stock trading algorithm is a form of momentum trading and was implemented using Python.

Challenges we ran into

Post requests are strict. We all had to learn about stocks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all learned something new and we were able to complete most of Tradium during this hackathon.

What we learned

Various forms of algorithmic trading and how stocks work.

What's next for Tradium

More fine tuning and features.

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