We wanted to try the capabilities of no-code apps with Glide plus the NEAR Blockchain

What it does

This is a trading journal to keep track of all your trading positions in one app. You can check prices of crypto markets live and give likes to your favorite markets (this last data is stored in NEAR Blockchain)

How we built it

We use the no-code platform Glide in combination with services like Airtable, Google Sheets and Pipedream (Webhooks rules)

Challenges we ran into

Glide has no native integrations with the NEAR Blockchain so we have to use some server-side tweaks to accomplish the integration

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The storage of info in NEAR's blockchain via a no-code app with no native integrations

What we learned

  1. No code platforms are a good starting point to prototype ideas
  2. NEAR has one of the best and complete developer documentation for newcomers to its blockchain

What's next for Trading Journal

Add extra statistics for user's accounts and more info for Live markets

Built With

  • airtable
  • coingecko
  • diadata
  • glide
  • pipedream
  • quickcharts
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Private user

Private user posted an update

Update March 8, 2022

  • Now you can enable some of your active trades to be shared in the Public Trades Board and show those positions to other users

  • We've also implemented testnet token transactions inside our app. Now when you activate your app account a NEAR subaccount will be assigned to your profile like "jhondoe.tjdev.testnet" with 10 NEAR testnet tokens. Those tokens can be used to reward other users for share some useful ALPHA ;) in the Public Board.

  • Later we'll be dropping a demo video for this feature

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