On a very stressful day in the suburbs of Lagos after hustling my way to get onto an already moving train, there was an ongoing conversation in the coach where I was standing. There was an artisan specialized in the making of specially crafted snooker tables (furniture), he spoke about his work and that there were only 3 of them who does that in Lagos Mainland. So I thought to myself I never even knew these snooker tables had technicalities in producing. I thought of a solution that would link people to artisans mainly instead of going through the pain of searching atimes importing goods made by these artisians or even bringing expatriates to do it.

PROBLEM: There is always a need at every point in time for skilled service which is mostly not at our peck and call. There have always been occasions of people searching for specific products moving from store to store to no avail which leads to time wastage

What it does

TradIn connect artisans with people in need of their services. However, the platform is not limited to artisans only, it also focuses on getting not easily accessible products as fast as possible (there is a section for sales where by users can make a request of a particular type of product rather than moving from store to store asking for this products). All payments are via escrow for security and protection.

SOLUTION: We created a well detailed category of service which enables service providers to define their style of business. TradIn offers equity to everyone and allows mobility of labor based on specific location. We created a "make request" function which allows customers to define the kind of service or product they want with budget, this would facilitate proper money management.

How we built it

The solution was built making best use of technology that would guarantee best users' experience and satisfaction. The mobile applications were designed using Flutter connected, via API, to the server side app (flask) and database(PostgreSQL) which were hosted on Linode. Mockups and logos for the project were designed using Figma and Adobe XD. Some devices components (e.g geolocation) were explored (on request, of course) to further promote usability and user's experience. Two factor authentication of user identity where carried out using Nexomo(for phone number verification) and Twilio's SendGrid(for email verification).

Challenges we ran into

  • Streamlining categories to fit in order to prevent flooding of categories.
  • Having only one developer for the technicalities.
  • On some days the zeal was lacking, but the vision was a propeller.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having our MVP before the end of this event.

What we learned

No matter how early or unequipped you are, "right now" is a good time to start something.

What's next for TradIn

We plan on taking TradIn to the world stage where it can achieve its purposes.

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