Some items become useless while there are some items which you dont't get even though it is with your juniors or seniors or batchmates.So, we wanted some smart way of solving this problem due to which TradIn started

What it does

It allows verified users inside campus to post an advertize for item they want to sell.Other users can see this add and if interested they can vote for that item and chat directly with seller.Also if item is in much demand then user will be eligible for having auction for that item to get good price.

How we built it

Using basic tech stack--> html,css,js,jquery,php,mysql,ajax

Challenges we ran into

1.Option for variable number of image upload 2.implementing notifications 3.Implementing chat from scratch (for learning purpose)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.Real Time Chat application with most of utilities made from scratch in single Day!! 2.Auction on high demand item

What we learned

1.Many real time problem solving strategies.

What's next for TradIn

1.Polling for prices 2.Applying ml algos to predict prices/ item classification based on images uploaded and description. 3.optimizing server side process 4.Advancement in chat app 5.Rent feature

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